MCS Increase Capacity with Latest ‘Greener’ Investment

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Leading sub-contract machining company Machined Component Systems (MCS), has massively improved their lead times, capacity and flexibility with their latest investment. The company has purchased a state of the art stacking system in an investment worth £250,000. The purchase is already having a massive impact on the business by improving efficiency and being more environment friendly. 

The bespoke stacking machine from Citizen Machinery, the first of its kind in the world, is capable of holding hours of production making lead times significantly quicker for customers in comparison to its predecessor. The £250,000 investment also included a Fanuc M-20i robot which picks the castings and places them on to a pallet to be transported straight to customers. 

MCS was looking to invest in new machinery to enhance their capabilities back in 2019, however this was stalled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This lul in activity at the time allowed the company to negotiate a brand new contract. On another note, the pandemic did affect the time it took to install the machine due to the ongoing material shortages in the UK. 

Due to the recent investment, MCS has more capacity to complete jobs for current and new customers. With the new stacking machine using less electricity and being 25% more efficient, customers can be certain that MCS’ offering is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Warren Gray, Managing Director at MCS, said:

“We are now looking into investing in different robot solutions and automations. Whilst we will maintain machines and ensure our employees are protected, we are looking to become more robot reliant for efficiency and to become a major competitor. Our goal is to become a market leader.” 

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